Monday, May 23, 2016

Walking for Fitness Tips From an Avid Walker

Walking is one of the best things that a person can do to stay in shape. Walking is a low impact activity and is good for the numerous systems in the body. There are some walking fitness tips to help a person get the most benefits from walking.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

A pair of good walking shoes are the only thing that a person is going to need for walking for fitness. Be sure that the shoes fit comfortably so they will not cause blisters. It is recommended to buy a size larger then normal. The shoes should have a good arch and stiff material to help support the foot.

Warm Up

Even though walking is low impact be sure to warm up before fitness walking. Walk at a pace slower then normal for five minutes and then pick up the speed of the workout.

Pay Attention to the Body

When a person is walking for fitness they should walk fast enough to get their heart rate elevated but should not overdo things. A person should be able to walk and talk while they are exercising. This is the proper speed. If a person cannot say a sentence without being out of breath they are walking too fast.

 Posture is Important

When a person is walking it is important that they have good posture. A person should swing their arms as they walk. The head should be up and the back should be straight. The toes should be facing ahead. A person should aim to take long strides but should not have to strain to take their steps.

Track the Steps

A person should keep track of how many steps they are taking during their fitness walk. A person can track their steps in several different ways. There are apps on smartphones and other devices that can help. A person can also wear a pedometer to keep track of steps. This can also help keep a person motivated over a period of time.

Stay Hydrated

When walking even for a short distance be sure to carry water. This is especially true if the weather is hot. Stay hydrated is very important to keep the body healthy and keep a person from getting sick.

Walking for fitness is a great way to stay in shape. Walking is great for the body and is a low impact way that a person can burn off fat and calories to stay healthy and in shape.

Perfect Home Workout: Indoor Walking Exercise Routine

What I love about walking is that you can pretty much do it anywhere and hardly anything is needed for you to be able to do it. In fact, is is a great thing to do at home when the weather is too bad for you to take your walking routine outside.

So, if you need a little inspiration today for your indoor walking workout, check out this had hour video that I found on YouTube today. Pretty great for getting that heart pumping without even needing to leave the house!